Stand United

Let others know that you not only accept black bois dating white girls, but that you approve of it and encourage it.

Call racists out on their bullshit, and let niggers know that you appreciate, respect, and enjoy their behavior, their attitude, their moves on white girls, and that you're in awe of their big black dicks.

Let's not hassle or criticize a hot couple like this -- a young white girl who's just discovering the joy of boys, and a young nigger who already knows white pussy loves him.

Understand that a smiling white girl and a serious look on a thug's face means it's all working according to plan.

Enjoy that moment when you see the nigger put his big, thick, full nigger lips on hers, knowing that it's all getting her pussy ready for the best time it ever had.

Learn to respect a white girl who dresses for black bois, wearing short skirts, showing off her tits, making access easy. Learn to respect a black boi who dresses to let the world know he's a nigger, with his wifebeater and his sagging jeans that show off his black bubble ass.

Allow your tiny white dick to get hard when you see him kiss her again. Allow your  white pussy to get juicy as you wish he were kissing you.

If you're lucky enough and respect the IR process enough, one day you might get to see a young white girl taking care of a nigger the way he deserves. You'll be in awe of his big, thick, amazing black cock, and amazed at how good she looks with nigger jizz all over her face.

And always, always, let whites and niggers know that you think a big black cock in a white pussy is as good as it gets, breeding included.


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