Tribute to Linda Lovelace

Let's take a cue from an email that is sent by Art87, a fan of our blog that follows us from Texas. He tells us that he had recently seen "Lovelace”, the biographic film dedicated to the star of "Deep Throat" which had as its protagonist a fantastic Amanda Seyfried. Hence his question, because we never dedicated in more than two years a post to Linda Lovelace that according to Art had the merit to release the porn in the world. Like all film buffs, I have "Deep Throat" in an old VHS in the original language. I do not consider it a masterpiece from technical point of view although I recognize in this movie a certain charm. For me it is still a symbol of sexual freedom, a film has become legendary for legal battle and for its war against censorship. All this has made "Deep Throat" an immortal movie even if the quality is much lower than many other films that were shot immediately after the celebrated work of Gerard Damiano dated 1972.
 It traced a road that has been traveled by hundreds of thousands of filmmakers, actors and actresses, did enter the topic "porn" in the homes of americans. Linda Lovelace was the classic right person in the wrong place, has become a star even though it had not been her choice, the movie was her success and her curse at the same time. She was still a very talented artist and this is absolutely beyond doubt. The "deepthroat", which later became a technique of “perfect blowjob”, was born with Linda even if in the history of porn has had other great performers. Up to this time we were perplexed and undecided regarding the choice of talk about Linda Lovelace in our blog . Her contribution to the history of porn is undoubtedly essential, but we also wanted to respect what has been her choice in mature age, when she denounced all the ill-treatment by her husband that caused her to pursue a career as a porn star, he has beaten and also forced into prostitution a girl from the soul of an extremely sensitive and fragile. Pornstars by force and not by choice, with a fragility that is often relegated her to the role of "empty icon", because Linda was the symbol actress of the Golden Age of porn but also, in the years after “Deep Throat”, a symbol of the feminists in their battle against porn. In both cases she has been maneuvered, knowingly and passively, for her extreme need of someone who always told her what to say or what to do. This is the only reason why so far, apart from some inevitable reference  we never published videos from “Deep Throat “. It was a form of respect.
But the compelling interpretation of Amanda Seyfriend in the role of Linda in mainstream films released this year has once again put the spotlight on the life of the famous artist from New York. So today is the case to host Linda Lovelace in our historical section, a history that she has helped to create. Lovers of porn cult have seen these scenes thousands of times, but we wonder if Linda would be happy to be remembered once again as "Deep Throat”. If she reads us from Heaven, the place where are the pure souls as her, we want to be able to say that we will not treat her once again as an empty icon but just remember her fondly. With the love of those who grew up watching her movies, who has enjoyed with her extraordinary erotic performances but has also lost himself in her clean eyes and in her lovely face that inspired so much tenderness. Thanks Linda!

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